Microhouse Workshop 4

September 25-30, 2014 | Factor e Farm – Maysville, MO (USA)

This is a 5 day MicroHouse Extreme Manufacturing (XM) workshop- led by Marcin Jakubowski – intended for innovators and entrepreneurs who are interested in exploring the limits of XM for rapid building of environmentally friendly homes. Blending Compressed Earth Block construction with modular roof panels as our contract-first design, our goal is to demonstrate that quality housing can be built with multi-purpose flexibility using module-based designs and parallel building for optimizing design evolution. Our goal is reducing the duration of construction by a factor of 20 compared to industry standards, at ⅓ the cost of conventional housing. Our XM design process involves a rapid parallel swarm workflow with 48 people using simple-to-follow documentation created with Agile and Waterfall methods prior to build. The MicroHouse XM 4 design is built on the experience of the last 3 iterations to produce the most ambitious – level of completion – build of a 762 sf home using test-driven open source techniques and equipment. If you are interested in natural home building or extreme efficiency of effort towards manufacturing, you will learn first hand how to take your home or project to the next level of ownership. Workshop includes 4 days of hands-on immersive building, nightly lectures, and a full day for review, discussion, and exploration of entrepreneurship opportunities. Our concept is consistent with open source economics and social production.

1-5 day options are available:

  • Full Five-Day Workshop: Arrival and intro session will take place on Thursday evening, September 25, 2014. Workshop begins on Friday morning, September 26, at 8 AM and concludes Tuesday 6:30 PM, September 30.
  • Weekend Workshop: Arrival same as above, with participation through the weekend. See schedule below.
  • Single Days: Select any day (or multiple days) that are most interesting to you. See schedule below.

You can see our Planning Document for details on process, technique, and workflow design. You can get involved in the planning/development/documentation process – whether you attend this Workshop or not. We are holding a Design Sprint at 10 AM M-F until the workshop – where we collaborate with the global community on the design. See Design Sprints.

Process and Production Design
  • Understanding and applied safe use of construction tools
  • Masonry techniques and brick laying
  • Laying CEB floors
  • Framing methods, installation of doors and windows
  • Modular Panel Construction
  • Electrical wiring of a house
  • Installation of a Complete Bathroom
  • Installation of a wood-fired hydronic heating and hot water system
Design and Documentation towards Scaling Enterprise
  • Design of OSE’s open source, Compressed Earth Block Press
  • Using Sketchup OSE warehouse parts for designing CEB structures
  • OSE Enterprise Model of Product Service Systems
Typical Daily Schedule

8am – Noon: Meeting at worksite and Build Session begins
12:00am: Lunch
1-5 pm: Afternoon Build Session
6 pm: Dinner
6:30-8:30 PM: Evening Lecture and Going over instructionals for next day’s activities


Please plan on arriving at our site between 5-6 PM on Thursday, September 25, 2014. Dinner and presentation on OSE goes from 6-7 PM, and a Tour of Factor e Farm will be from 7-7:30 PM. The introduction and preparation session for the next day’s build will run at 7:30 PM sharp, and end at 9:30 PM. If you will be participating for single days only, please arrive by 6:30 PM to make it to the Evening Lecture – which includes explanation and hands-on practice of the following day’s work.

Build Schedule

Friday: Brick laying – CEB walls, door + window framing, CEB floor, electrical and water runs, stucco, up to bond beam. This will be the most important day which will allow the roof to go on for the structure to be covered.
Saturday: Roof. Construction and installation of roof panels, up to finishing, chimney, and flashing.
Sunday: Interior work – framing room walls, bathroom installation.
Monday: Exterior and interior finish. Stabilized block patio + any interior finishing.
Tuesday: Review, design, documentation, enterprise discussions. Dinner celebration.


In the event of foul weather, we are planning for contingencies. We may shift the schedule as needed. Our goal is to complete the build rain or shine. In the case of rain, for example, we may be reduced to framing up the walls with carpentry and doing nonstructural brick infill. We will do what we can to provide a complete Extreme Manufacturing house-build experience, where we are prioritizing overall build completion by adjusting to whatever contingencies may arise. This is part of the flexibility and thinking on our feet inherent to Extreme Manufacturing and modular design.


Registration Fee for 5-Day Workshop: $300
Weekend option: $250
Registration Fee for any single Day: $100
Discounts for Students and Low Income: If you are a student or in need, your cost is 50% off for any of the options. If this is still beyond your means, we can do Work Exchange, where you come 2 days early (by Wed. morning) to help us make workshop preparations, and you pay a deep discounted rate of $15/day. Email us for details.
2-for-1 Discounts: Select any option, and bring a family member or friend with you for free. Email us to let us know who you are bringing.
Group Rate: If you can bring a group of 3 or more people with you – your total cost is $450.
True Fans of OSE: Receive a 25% discount for you on all of our workshops – on top of the discounts above. If you are not a True Fan, you can sign up as a True Fan now to become eligible for the True Fans discount on future workshops.
Donate to OSE: We are a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 status. You can make tax-deductible contributions to us.

If you are interested in a leadership role – or if you are a skilled leader, builder, carpenter, plumber, or electrician – we may be able to offer you a discount if you are willing to get involved in the event preparation process, and if you are willing to be a team leader during the event. Email us to inquire further.

Fees include workshop tuition, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We can pick you up from the airport, Kansas City International. You are welcome to camp at Factor e Farm. We have a camping location which includes a composting toilet. Showers and a bathroom are located in our main house, HabLab. You may also get your own accommodations – hotels are located 15 minutes away in Cameron, Missouri.

Work boots are required. Please bring protective clothing, work gloves, eye protection, and a hard hat if you have one.

Payment Options: PayPal, Credit Card, Dwolla, Bitcoin, Check, Money Order, or Cash

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Pay with Dwolla

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Pay with Paypal / Credit Card

To pay with paypal/credit card, please use the the Eventbrite form below. Note that Eventbrite charges a fee for the service in addition to the workshop fee – if you wish to avoid this, you may use the other options as indicated above.