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Supporters Hall of Fame

In July 2017, the Open Building Institute ran a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the initial rollout of the project. The campaign was backed by 1092 generous contributors. This is their Hall of Fame.
Thank you for your support!
We asked our backers what motivated them to support OBI’s kickstarter campaign…

Safwat Saleem: “Catarina and Marcin’s badassness.”
Philipp Schaefer
Chris Kopp
Chris Sakkas: “I like open source”
Maxfield Koomen: “I wanted to help people and do the right thing.”
Thomas Doennebrink: “This is the way to go and the way where and who I want to live.”
Damianos Mylonakis: “the idea itself; eco friendly, modular, DIY, standardized”
Eric Poulsen: “I like the idea”
William Bettridge-Radford: “freedom!”
Nick Kaufmann: “I’m an urban design enthusiast interested in the open hardware movement”
Khürt L. Williams: “Curiosity. I was intrigued to find out what is possible.”
Max Koomen: “Eco friendly homes are important”
Bryan Hakey: “To help support the Usonian dream of affordable & locally sourced housing for all.”
Fernando Jasso Anguiano: “Increase need of affordable and sustainable housing”
Noah Saber-Freedman: “Backed Open Source Ecology way back when and wanted to keep supporting the movement.”