How to Use the Library in Sweet Home 3D

The simplest way to use the library is to import an entire collection (contained in a single file) into Sweet Home 3D—an open source interior design application. Collection files are available for download from each Collection’s page (example – click “download this collection”).

  1. Download and install Sweet Home 3D
  2. Download a Collection
  3. Unzip the Collection file
  4. Open Sweet Home 3D
  5. Navigate to “Furniture -> Import Furniture Library” and then select the [library name].sh3f file you unzipped.

3D models for each module are also available in standard formats, which can be imported into a variety of CAD applications—including FreeCAD and Blender. The choice of format depends on the intended use.

For additional details on file formats, how to install, and how to use the library, check out the Manual.

How to Design a Structure with the Modular System


Use the “explode” slider so see modules.

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